Bryce’s versatility is the lifeline of his pasion. The often-underestimated Bay Area native has made some noise as a rapper and producer over the past 19 years.

Some know Bryce more for his work behind the boards, than his skills in the booth. He is familiar with the majority of audio and video production software, and has recorded, mixed and mastered for artist like Layzie Bone, B-Real, Berner, Jim Jones, Philthy Rich, The Jacka, Andre Nickatina, Berner and more. 

Over the years, Bryce’s dream to accelerate the evolution of music recording has led him down a rabbit hole of analog and digital media and all things related. Photography, graphic design, web design, print media, publishing and marketing are all handled under one roof by Bryce or as individual services in collaborative effort. 

I”I was eight years old when I made my first drum pattern on the Alesis HR-16. Not long after, I wrote my first verse, overdubbed my first vocals and cut the first tape.”

Examples of Bryce’s work are available throughout the site and the world wide web. For more info, contact Bryce directly.